Monday, January 25, 2016

Need a modest, sturdy, comfortable riding skirt? Now offering custom denim and cotton print riding skirts!

I have found that riding horses in skirts can be fun and comfortable, as well as modest and pretty.  However, finding skirts suitable for riding is not fun or easy, so I am now offering my favorite style riding skirt for sale on my shop.
Check it out over at Chicken Scraps Shop, and email me or order direct through Etsy to get your own customized skirt!

From my Etsy listing:
This lovely tiered skirt is perfect for almost any occasion. It is very full, spreading out to a complete circle when laid flat, sturdy, yet comfortable. 100% cotton (unless otherwise requested). A waistband with 3/4" elastic fits comfortably and snugly, made to just your measurements, and you choose your own preferred length. Available in standard blue denim, and black denim/ bottomweight (2% spandex).

Sizing below is as follows according to waist measurement:
Size 2= 24"
Size 4= 26"
Size 6= 28"
Size 8= 30"
Size 10= 32"
Size 12= 34"
Size 14= 36"
Size 16= 38"

Please send me a message including waist, hips and desired length measurements at checkout to insure the right fit.

Many different fabrics are available to choose from. For choices, please visit these links:

Please contact me with any questions, or send me a message to get started on a custom order! I am happy to work with you to design just the right skirt for you.

Friday, November 27, 2015

For Sale: Chip, 10 y/o Pony of the Americas Gelding

Chip is a really great little POA gelding.  Actually, he's not so little- 13+ hh, which makes him the perfect size for both children and small adults.
Visit our farm website for more info about Chip:

Here is a video (taken 11/27/15) of me riding Chip, in the pasture at home, and on the trail to a friend's house.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Updated photos and video of Fenella

Recently, Savana went out to the pasture with me to take some (much overdue) pictures of Fenella.  She is growing "like a weed", and progressing well on her training.  She is rather mouthy, and will sometimes nip, but I never let her get away with this, as I detest nippiness.

She is so sweet and easy to train.  I am beginning to want to keep her for myself, as Fannie is getting older.  Maybe there is some way to grow more grass...

First I ponied her from Fannie...

She hadn't been ponied since she was only two months old, so she had some re-learning to do.  By the time I thought it was time to stop, though, she was following pretty well.

Fannie was as good as gold, though she has been ridden very little lately.

Then it was time to do some groundwork with Fenella, while Fannie took a break tied up to the fence nearby.

First I asked her to yield her hindquarters.

Notice how loose the lead rope is; I'm not pressuring her head at all.

Now it was time to back up.

I was very pleased with her back-up.  I did not have to pressure her dramatically to get her to move, but while she was very responsive and respectful, she was not frightened.

Now I ask her to flex her neck and drop her nose.  I only just introduced this to her a few days before these pictures were taken, and she has caught on very quickly.  I use the voice command:  "Turn your head", while I'm asking her to flex, and she seems to respond to it

 Notice how loose the lead rope is again.

Now flex the other side...  Very good!

I also picked up all her feet, but we only have video of this...

Now for some fun:  riding bareback and bridle-less!  I have been riding Fannie some like this recently, and she is doing very well.  The only issue is stopping her once she goes into a canter...  I'm still working on "putting some brakes on her"!

When we were done, it was time to let the horses out into the yard (as the grass in the pasture is very thin and I don't want it too badly overgrazed).  Time to settle down and have some lunch!

Here is the video we took while we were out there.

(Please note:  the music is from Georges Bizet's opera, "Carmen".  I do not like it much, but was in a hurry and so used it anyway.)

25% Off! Chicken Scraps Shop is 1 Year Old! (Almost.)

The first anniversary for Chicken Scraps Shop is coming up soon!
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I am also now offering free shipping on all my items.  Cold weather is coming, so hurry and order your animal sweaters now.

I have also added a new section to my shop- modest clothing for ladies and girls.  I currently only offer a few items, but plan to continue expanding this section.  Visit this link to check it out:

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paso Fino Filly For Sale~ Fenella de Festina Lente

 Fenella de Festina Lente is a very special filly, with lots of spirit and character.  Her bloodlines include Capuchino and Plebeyo.  I was able to begin handling her within 20 minutes of birth, and have continued her training since then.  She is very friendly, and not skittish, though she is very alert to her surroundings.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Halter Breaking, and Early Training of Fenella

My filly, Fenella de Festina Lente was born in early May.  She is the first foal I have ever been able to handle and train, so I wanted to be prepared.  As the time was drawing near when Fannie was due to foal, I began researching various training methods, trying to come up with a plan for training the foal right from birth.  I knew that I wanted to begin its education as early as possible and not wait until it had formed bad habits, or developed a fear of humans.  Very quickly I decided that I wanted to imprint it, if possible.  What I read about imprinting just made sense to me.  After all, it is reasonable that what an animal is exposed to on a regular basis from the moment of birth should seem normal to it in later life.  I did not want to be too extreme with my imprinting; rubbing the baby with noisy clippers and plastic bags just seemed like a little much, and I didn't want to stress Fannie too much.  So when Fenella was born, I simply rubbed her all over, handled her feet, ears and mouth, tried on a foal halter, and talked to her gently.  My theory was that I would build trust, and introduce her to the clippers, plastic bags, etc, later, rather than desensitize her to them at birth.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fenella de Festina Lente: Paso Fino Filly, Daughter of Jesse el Rubio and Acuarella de Benji

Jesse El Rubio

Acuarela de Benji

Saturday, May 2nd, was an unusually busy day for us on our small farm.  There was a lot of work to be caught up on outside; from dosing a sick cow who was off her feed, to fixing a small pen in the front pasture.  I let Fannie out into the yard as usual to graze, after she ate her usual portion of Gestolac feed, with a special herbal tea added to it.  As I checked her bag, I thought she couldn't possibly be far from delivering her foal.  After all, she was bred to Jesse el Rubio, son of El Chino de el Batey, on May 4th, 2014, and now it was May 2nd, 2015.  According to my research, horses have a gestation length of 316-360 days, so she was a bit over due.  Her udder had distended to nearly twice it's usual size now; surely she must be close.
Photo taken 4/28/15

Fenella at 3 Days Old

Fenella de Festina Lente was born Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.  My 16 year old sister, Savana, took these pictures for me on May 4th.

 Fannie grazing peacefully in the yard, with Fenella sleeping under her watchful eye.

Friday, May 8, 2015

13 Boer, Boer X and Kiko Goats For Sale in Bronson/ Williston

I recently purchased my neighbor's herd of 10 Kiko, Boer, and Boer/ Kiko goats.  I also have Honeysuckle and Mabel's twin doelings for sale.

Goats available:
Chester:  3 year-old proven Boer buck.  Weighs approx. 300 lbs, produces great kids.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Nubian/ Boer Doeling Kids for Sale!

I had a surprise this morning:  Mabel delivered two beautiful doelings last night!
They are strong, healthy, and have lovely udders and markings.
D.O.B:  May 1st, 2015
Sire:  Boer buck  (pictured below
Dam:  Mabel  (pictured below)
CAE free by parentage.

We will be holding one of the doelings with a deposit until mid July; the other is for sale now as a bottle baby.
Bottle doeling:  $175
Weaned doeling:  $225

If you are interested in purchasing either doeling, please contact me via
or call/ text 352-745-3576

 Doeling 1:

Doeling 2: