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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nubian/ Boer Kids

Since I raise dairy goats, not meat goats, I'm not very familiar with Boer goat conformation, but these bucklings look pretty good overall to me.

Thicket is the biggest of the three kids.  When I weigh taped the kids at a little over three weeks of age, he had gained 15 lbs since birth!  That's a pretty fast increase, especially for a triplet.  He uses his muscles to push Bramble out of his way, and get the best spot at the "milk bar" for himself.  Because of this, I sometimes separate him from Mabel during the day, and give him a bottle instead.  This also makes him friendlier.  I do not allow either of the bucks to jump on me, or try to push me around.  It's cute and funny now, but when they weigh 250+ lbs, it won't be cute or funny anymore.
The only issue I see with Thicket is that his scrotum is too divided.  For this reason, he would not be a good show buck, but would be fine as a show wether.  He would also be fine as a breeder for meat goats, or I will gladly wether him for free.

Bramble is friendly, and also growing fast, though not quite so fast as his larger brother.  He had gained 10 lbs when I weigh taped him at the same time as Thicket.  I am supplementing him with a bottle or two during the day, since he gets pushed around by Thicket.  He has more Nubian characteristics than the other two, but still has the big shoulders and neck of the Boer.  He also has the same issue as Thicket, but to a lesser degree.  I will wether him for free also if desired.
Both bucks will be held until they are older and able to be weaned.  They will receive the same careful attention the rest of my goats have.  They have access to free-choice kelp and baking soda, and will be wormed when necessary.
I am asking $200 for Thicket
and $175 for Bramble,
or I will consider a full or partial trade for an ADGA registerable Nubian buckling
(must be American or purebred status).
If you are interested in one or both of these kids, please call 386-three one six-4844

Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Day with the Goats Pt. 3: Labor and Kidding

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Around 5 PM, I went out to check on Mabel.  Her due date was May 31st, but her udder had been filling all day, and was now tight and hard.  Now her ligaments were significantly looser, almost "gone".  (For signs of early labor, see this blog post:  Another Day with the Goats Pt. 2: Early Signs of Labor...)
I quietly concluded that we would have kids on the ground in the next day or two, and hurried back into the house.
That night, I checked on her at 10:00, 12:30, 2:00, and 3:30.  The last time, I decided to stay out there with her.  (I soon regretted this decision, since the goats were intensely interested by my curling up in a chair in the corner of the stall, and Freda, not being as preoccupied as Mabel,wanted to climb into the chair with me.)  But, believing in all my wisdom that Mabel was very close to kidding, I stuck to my decision, and stayed in the chair.

Fast forward to 10:45, when the video begins.  I had stayed in the barn most of the morning, determined not to miss this kidding, the way I missed Nelly's.
As a consequence of staying out there that long, I was finally on hand for the whole birth.  And now, I'll let the video explain the rest.

Monday, June 9, 2014

More Kid Pictures~ Mabel's Nubian/ Boer Kids

This morning I finally got around to taking some more pictures of the kids.  Some of these are not the best...  It isn't the easiest thing in the world to try to get decent photos of three bouncy little goats, two of which are constantly climbing into one's lap.  They are all quite friendly, especially the doeling and Bramble (the red buckling).  They are growing like weeds, especially the bucklings.  You can see that they are already a good size for 11 days old.

The two bucklings are for sale.  I am asking $175 for the red buckling (Bramble), and $200 for Thicket (classic Boer markings).  The doeling is not available.  For more information, please visit this blog post:  http://mychickenscraps.blogspot.com/2014/05/boer-nubian-kids-for-sale.html

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Day with the Goats: Pt. 5- Contracted Tendons in Newborn Kids

Have you ever seen a kid with legs so bent that it is walking on it's knuckles?  This is usually a condition known as contracted tendons.  Bent legs in newborns are not uncommon, and are not such a very bad thing.  Usually, this condition caused either by improper nutrition (deficiency in vitamins A & D, or selenium) or by crowding in utero, sometimes by both.  This buckling is one of Nelly's triplets.  He and one of his sisters had badly bent legs, the other one also had slightly bent legs.  Good news:  the legs straightened out in just a few days (3 if I remember correctly).  In the video below, I show the kids legs and the treatment.  I hope this helps someone!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Boer/ Nubian Kids for Sale

Mabel kidded today (May 29th) with triplets.   And, for the first time, I got to be present for the birth!  I am so glad to have finally gotten to be in on it.  And turns out, it was a good thing I was since the first kid was upside down.  It wasn't too much of a problem, but it would have been much harder on Mabel if I hadn't been there.  And we even got the whole thing on video.  (Which means that I will inflict it on my readers as part of the "Another Day with the Goats" series.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Of Spring Cleaning, Annual Baths and Haircuts, Angus, and Waiting For Mabel...

I just got back from a week taking care of my grandparents place, with Mama and seven of my siblings.  We had a nice time, but it felt oh, so good to get back!
And when we got back, I had fresh energy to accomplish some annual chores that had been put off for a while, namely, the annual baths and haircuts!

This photo is actually a few years old... We didn't take any this year.

A Visit to Jesse El Rubio~ Palomino Paso Fino Stallion

Have you ever heard of a stallion that calmly tolerates, even enjoys, being handled, groomed and ridden by 12 complete strangers, most of whom are children?