Friday, April 15, 2016

Announcing: Chicken Scraps Newsletter!

For some time now, I have toyed with the idea of creating a farm newsletter.  A friend sends one out every week, and I am always inspired by reading it, even though much of it is filled with everyday details of life on the farm.  A recipe here and there; a reference to a new project you can see on their website; how many chicks their heritage breed turkeys hatched this spring; the number of meat chickens they have for sale, and expected butchering dates; all these combine with her funny stories, and diary of what they did every day of the last week to make a fun, and instructive newsletter.
Finally, I decided to take the plunge and try writing my own.  After blogging for several years now, it shouldn’t be too hard.  Mine will be different, and I plan to send it out once a month instead of weekly, but I expect this to be a fun way to keep up with my readers.  Keep an eye out too for coupons to my online store that will be exclusively available through this newsletter!

To subscribe, simply use the popup window, or the embedded signup form on the right hand side of this blog.

I’m looking forward to this new journey in journaling!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Our A2/A2 Bull

Over the last few years, I have been hearing more and more about A2/A2 cattle, and the health benefits of the milk, but I always kind of passed it over as rather silly; I mean, seriously, how can a genetic difference in the cow make a difference in how healthy the milk is?  I also did not like that the company who tests cattle for this gene was also the one doing the research.  But then recently, some friends who run an excellent natural farm in Lake City have started talking about it.  Apparently, a customer interested in buying a heifer asked if any of their cows were A2/A2, and when they tested, they discovered that 5 out of 6 of their cows were.
Now, the interesting thing about this, is that quite a few people who have reactions to cow's milk, even raw cow's milk, have told them that they can drink milk from their cows with no problems.  I always assumed that this was because of the high level of cleanliness, and the good quality grass/ minerals they feed their herd, but after doing some research, I am realizing there is a lot more to this than I had thought.  Some other testimonies I have recently read seem to confirm that A2/A2 milk is indeed easier to digest and better for you.
The most convincing testimony to me was Megan Steven's article on the website Food Renegade, in which she describes her personal experience with A2 vs. A1 milk.  After reading this, I began really wanting to test our cows.  Frankly, now I only want to have A2 milk cows, if possible.  And this leads to my news:
Our bull is A2/A2!

He is a really nice little bull.  At just a year old, he is a good size, and well built.  He has good Jersey conformation, is not too big (his sire was a medium/ mini Jersey), and he's polled.  He is from a very good milking herd, and now, I know that he is A2/A2.  Sadly, we will need to sell him soon as we simply don't have enough grass for all our animals.  (I just want to make sure Blossom and Buttercup are bred first!)
I am really looking forward to getting some nice calves from him, especially once I get Blossom and Buttercup tested, and we know what kind of genes to expect in the calves.
I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My New Online Store!

I have news!  Chicken Scraps Shop now has its very own website!

I offer handmade modest clothing for ladies, a few children's clothes, and custom sweaters for dogs, goats, and calves.  Visit the website to find out more!

Chicken Scraps Custom Sewing

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introducing Cleone, Blue Merle ABCA Border Collie

This blog post is a bit late, but now it will be more informative.  :)

In July, when we took a family vacation, we also picked up Cleone, my first registered Border collie.

I have been wanting for some time to begin breeding Border collies, and finally my hope is on the way to becoming a reality.  Our family vacation was the perfect opportunity to research a wider range of breeders, and find just the right puppy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SALE! 25% Off All Ready-to-Ship Items! Get your sweaters now!

Well, spring has sprung here in Florida, and I am trying to move out some of my inventory.  Now through March 31st, all ready to ship items are on sale!
I have a fairly large selection of fleece sweaters for sheep or goats in stock and ready to ship.  These sweaters are the ones made from remnants, or custom ordered fleece that I don't keep in stock, and they are already discounted $2 off the original price.

Now take an additional 25% off this discounted price!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Need a modest, sturdy, comfortable riding skirt? Now offering custom denim and cotton print riding skirts!

I have found that riding horses in skirts can be fun and comfortable, as well as modest and pretty.  However, finding skirts suitable for riding is not fun or easy, so I am now offering my favorite style riding skirt for sale on my shop.
Check it out over at Chicken Scraps Shop, and email me or order direct through Etsy to get your own customized skirt!

From my Etsy listing:
This lovely tiered skirt is perfect for almost any occasion. It is very full, spreading out to a complete circle when laid flat, sturdy, yet comfortable. 100% cotton (unless otherwise requested). A waistband with 3/4" elastic fits comfortably and snugly, made to just your measurements, and you choose your own preferred length. Available in standard blue denim, and black denim/ bottomweight (2% spandex).

Sizing below is as follows according to waist measurement:
Size 2= 24"
Size 4= 26"
Size 6= 28"
Size 8= 30"
Size 10= 32"
Size 12= 34"
Size 14= 36"
Size 16= 38"

Please send me a message including waist, hips and desired length measurements at checkout to insure the right fit.

Many different fabrics are available to choose from. For choices, please visit these links:

Please contact me with any questions, or send me a message to get started on a custom order! I am happy to work with you to design just the right skirt for you.

Friday, November 27, 2015

For Sale: Chip, 10 y/o Pony of the Americas Gelding

Chip is a really great little POA gelding.  Actually, he's not so little- 13+ hh, which makes him the perfect size for both children and small adults.
Visit our farm website for more info about Chip:

Here is a video (taken 11/27/15) of me riding Chip, in the pasture at home, and on the trail to a friend's house.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Updated photos and video of Fenella

Recently, Savana went out to the pasture with me to take some (much overdue) pictures of Fenella.  She is growing "like a weed", and progressing well on her training.  She is rather mouthy, and will sometimes nip, but I never let her get away with this, as I detest nippiness.

She is so sweet and easy to train.  I am beginning to want to keep her for myself, as Fannie is getting older.  Maybe there is some way to grow more grass...

25% Off! Chicken Scraps Shop is 1 Year Old! (Almost.)

The first anniversary for Chicken Scraps Shop is coming up soon!
From now through November 30th, take 25% off your total purchase to celebrate!
I am also now offering free shipping on all my items.  Cold weather is coming, so hurry and order your animal sweaters now.

I have also added a new section to my shop- modest clothing for ladies and girls.  I currently only offer a few items, but plan to continue expanding this section.  Visit this link to check it out:

Use coupon code:  1ANNIVERSARY1 to take 25% off your total purchase, now through November 30th!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paso Fino Filly For Sale~ Fenella de Festina Lente

 Fenella de Festina Lente is a very special filly, with lots of spirit and character.  Her bloodlines include Capuchino and Plebeyo.  I was able to begin handling her within 20 minutes of birth, and have continued her training since then.  She is very friendly, and not skittish, though she is very alert to her surroundings.