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  Animal Info:

Natural Cure for Foot Rot  (Copper Sulphate)   I have had one case of foot rot, and it was horrible.  The goat involved ended up with permanent damage.  This recipe cured him in one treatment, but I didn't find it until the disease had progressed to a late stage.  Prevention is covered in this article too.
How to Cure and Prevent Infections Naturally  (Using Goldenseal herb.)
Easy Birth Tea

Goat info:

General Info:
(Goat care video series:  See under heading "Videos".)
My Dairy Goat Journey (Includes information on management.)
For Stud: Ritz, LaMancha Buck
My New Milk Stand  (Includes pictures and instructions from when I built my goat stanchion, 2013)
Another Milk Stand 
Yet another milk stand...  (For sale)

Horse info:

A Visit to Jesse el Rubio- Palomino Paso Fino Stallion (with video)
Waiting For a Foal (Fannie/ Jesse)  (March 2015)
Fenella de Festina Lente (5/2015)
Halter Breaking and Early Training of Fenella (2015)
Fenella at 3 Days Old
Paso Fino Filly for Sale (Fenella, 2015)
Updated Pictures + Video of Fenella & Fannie (2015)
Fenella's Yearling Pictures (2016)

Sheep info:

 Winnie the Ewe giving birth to Anak the Giant  (Sheep giving birth, Lambing, video)
 How to Wash a Sheep the Old-fashioned Way  (Giving Winnie a bath in the lake, video.)
Natural cure for foot rot
Of Spring Cleaning, Annual Baths and Haircuts, Angus, and Waiting For Mabel
Our First Sheep Butchering  (February, 2015)

Chicken info:


Dogs and Puppies

Border Collies:

Great Pyrenees:
Inez is Registered!
Buddy + Inez...  (Expected 2014 litter)
Protective Mama...  (January, 2013)
Don't Give Up On Your Failed Guard Dog (shared from Hobby Farms magazine.)

Great Pyrenees/ Chocolate Lab Puppies:
Puppies for sale!  (2012)
The New Arrivals (Great Labenese Puppies)
More Puppies On The Way!
We Have Puppies!  (January, 2013)
Puppy Pictures (January, 2013)
6 Days Old (January, 2013)
I Spy... A Little Eye!  (January, 2013)
My Milking Buddy (Fragoso/ Charlie, January, 2013)

A Long- Delayed Puppy Update (January Litter, 2013)
4 Weeks Old  (January Litter, 2013)
5 Weeks Old  (January Litter, 2013)
6 Weeks Old  (January Litter, 2013)

7 Weeks Old (January Litter, 2013)
8 Weeks Old  (January Litter, 2013)
75% Great Pyrenees Puppies  (2013)
3/4 Great Pyrenees Puppies  (2013)
The Big Day!  (Puppy pick-up, 2013)

The New Puppy- Early Training   (Five commands every dog should know.)

Puppy Report Cards:
Puppy Report Card:  5 1/2 Months (August Litter, 2012)
Puppy Report Card:  6 Months  (2013 litter)

Videos:  See below.

 Dairy Cow info:

Separation Anxiety: When and How to Separate  (Gives some information regarding separation of cows and calves.)
Dairy Cow Series: Milking Training and Dealing with Mastitis
Dairy Cow Series: How to Milk a Cow Video
Dairy Cow Series:  Quick Tips for Milking a Kicky Cow (or Goat)
Quick Tips for Milking a Kicky Cow

Announcing the Arrival of Bluebell (2014 Jersey heifer)
More Pictures of Bluebell (2014)
Feldman Family Penelope is For Sale  (2015)
Penny is 3 Months Old!  (2015)
Our A2/A2 Bull  (Barbacoa, 2016)
FOR SALE!  AJCA Jersey Heifer Feldman Family Pansy  (2016)
FOR STUD:  A2/A2 Polled Jersey Dairy Bull  (2016)

Videos:  See below.

Pig info:

General farm/ animal info:

Marvellous seeds- Natural Dewormer for Dogs and Other Animals



3 Healthy Oat Recipes: Raw or baked granola, Raw cookies, Baked cookies


Dogs/ Puppies:
Great Labenees Puppy Music Video  (2012)
Puppy Update Video (With fiddle music.)
Puppies At Play- Again!  (January Litter, 2013)
5 Weeks Old  (Update on 2013 litter)

Winnie (sheep) Giving Birth  (2012)
How to Wash a Sheep the Old-fashioned Way (Washing Winnie in the lake).

How to Milk a Cow, With Alayna May & Bo
How to Teach a Calf to Drink From a Bucket (bucket feed)

How to Milk a Goat

Daily Goat Care series:  Another day with the goats...
1:  Pre-kidding Check
2:  Early Labor and Surprise Kidding
3:  Labor and Kidding (Mabel's birth of triplets, 2014)
4:  Care of Newborns
5:  Contracted Tendons  (Bent legs in kids)
6:  Disbudding Goat Kids
7:  Daily Kid Care and Bottlefeeding

Blog info:

Farm Related Links:

Dairy Goat Info Forum  (This is a very good forum.  The members are very kind and knowledgeable, and have helped me with many of my difficulties.)
FiasCo Farm  (Another good dairy goat site.  There is a lot of information here, and it helped me in my early days of goat-keeping.)

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