Monday, March 9, 2015

Feldman Family Penelope Is For Sale


 Full-blooded Jersey heifer:

Feldman Family Penelope


Born:  December 29th, 2014

Sire:  Copper

Dam:  OA Feldman Family Buttercup

AJCA Registration Pending (OA)


Buttercup gave birth to Penny on December 29th.  She had a very easy delivery, and is a very good milker.  I was planning to keep Penny, but we simply don't have enough grass for two milkers, a meat cow, goats, and horses.

Buttercup is the daughter of Blossom, our family milker.  Both Blossom and Buttercup are very good tempered, and Penny already is displaying the same calm, gentle temperament.

Buttercup and Blossom are good milkers, producing several gallons per day at their peak, on grass and alfalfa.  We do not feed any grain, and avoid chemical wormers whenever possible.  We provide free-choice minerals and use herbal wormers when necessary.  We have never needed to use antibiotics.

Find more information about Blossom and Buttercup on "Our Family Farm Animals" page.

This is Buttercup as a yearling.  She is polled ( naturally hornless).
(Registered name:  OA Feldman Family Buttercup)

Buttercup (3/10/15)

OA Feldman Family Blossom
Blossom has many good points, but one of her best is her extremely strong udder, and wonderful mothering instinct.  She is an amazing mother, and will accept any calf that wants to nurse.  Her udder is a little on the tough side for hand milking, but has held up well and is still perfectly even and in good condition, despite the beating she has taken from strong, hungry calves.

Blossom makes a good lesson cow.  You can see in this video how easy she is to milk.  Buttercup is even better:  her udder is softer than Blossom's, while still strong; she doesn't complain (moo constantly) while we are milking, and she comes to her name when I call her.  (Even when I let her out into the yard to mow it, and she disappears into the woods!)

OA Feldman Family Bluebell

This is Bluebell, Buttercup's full sister.  She placed 5th in the Georgia State Show!

Penny's udder.

Penny is healthy, and frisky!  She will be held with a deposit until late July or early August, when she can be weaned and picked up.  She will come with her registration certificate, be tattooed, and come with a health certificate from our vet.

Penny has been sold, and will go to her new home later this year.

Asking $1500

If you are interested in purchasing Penny, please send me an email ( )
or call or text:  386-316-4844