Saturday, August 4, 2012

Puppies For Sale!

Looking for a good family dog?  Need one who will be friendly with your animals?  We are offering Inez's puppies for sale/adoption to good homes.  As stated in other places on this blog, the sire is a beautiful, purebred Chocolate lab who lives near us.

     Inez is a full-blooded Great Pyrenees.  We used to lose chickens to the many predators which live all around us (foxes, raccoons, opossums, hawks, and coyotes, etc.)  But since we got her, we have lost hardly any poultry at all.  In fact, we no longer even need to shut or lock the coop door at night.  (Note:  We do not guarantee that the puppies will be as good at protecting as she is- simply that they come from a dog who is excellent at it.)  She is also super sweet to people and our farm animals.  She is gentle, and enjoys being petted, and although she is slightly reserved with strangers, she has never been at all aggressive.  Little children love her, and she loves them and is sweet and gentle.   The puppies will be available to go to new homes when they are eight weeks old.  To buy one of our puppies you must fill out an application form.  Visit this link to go to it, or send me an email, and I will attach it as a Microsoft Word, or an Open Office document for you to fill out on the computer and email back to me.

The beautiful sire...

And the lovely dam...

These are some photos from the last litter of puppies.  This litter should look identical.

     Puppies in general are mischievous and energetic creatures, and will need to be trained and socialized.  (See my article on teaching the 5 Basic Commands ). Great Pyrenees and Chocolate Labs are both high-energy breeds, so it will be best if you have a large yard, and/ or take the dog for regular exercise somewhere.  These pups are being raised in the backyard, with children and animals (poultry, goats, cows, a sheep, etc) and are handled daily.  They will be gently corrected for bad behavior (such as chewing on hands) while they are here, and some basic training may be done before they leave.  However, when you pick up your puppy it will not be trained, and that will be your responsibility.

This is Hershey, one of the puppies from the first litter with these parents.

This is Thunder.  He has found a good family, who are training and loving him, and he is happy with them.

     These puppies should grow up to be wonderful and beautiful dogs if they are given the proper attention and care.  Please contact us via email ( ), call or text if you would like to give one or more of them a good home!  386- three one six -4844.  Asking $210 per puppy, cash only.  Also, I reserve the right to decline selling you one of our puppies if I don't think it will be a good fit, but I will not be ridiculously picky.

This is Boanerges (now Zero).  He has also found a good home, where he can see Thunder (now Kong) occasionally.


The grown pup that we have seen is about the size of a small German Shepard (the black female pictured above).  She probably weighs about 75-80 lbs.

To date, there have been no chocolate colored puppies.

  These dogs will probably have medium length hair, but some may be shorter or longer.  My guess is that it will be around 1" to 2".