Our Family Farm Animals

Here are a few of the animals on our farm.  They pull their weight, and are an important part of our farm ecosystem, and are also treasured pets.

Aquarella de Benji

(Affectionately known as Fannie)

Fannie joined our farm in September, 2013.  She is a registered Paso Fino, and though she is well trained and fun to ride, she has a lot of spunk.  We are getting to know each other, and I'm loving the journey (well, most of the time...)

Jersey Cows

We have two cows, both AJCA registered Jerseys.

 OA Feldman Family Blossom

Blossom is our family milk cow.  She is a good producer, giving between 2 and 3 gallons in the early part of her lactations, and then after two or three months leveling off to around 1 1/2 to 1 gallon per day.  Since we don't feed any grain at all to our cows, this is pretty good.

She is also very good-tempered, and is an excellent mother.  She is currently in her second freshening.

She also has a very nice perfectly even udder that is very strong and well attached.

As you can see, Blossom is also quite calm (well, most of the time.)  Our little guys love her.   :)

 OA Felman Family Buttercup

Buttercup is Blossom's heifer calf from her second freshening.  She is polled (naturally hornless), and is very good tempered.  She freshened with her first calf on 12/29/2015.

Buttercup peaked at 2 gallons per day; not bad for a first freshener, in the middle of winter, without grain.  She has a beautiful udder, and is very easy to milk.  I trained her to milk tied to a post in the pasture, and she gave me very little trouble, taking to the milking routine like a duck to water.  Her milk, like Blossom's, is rich and creamy.

William's first time milking Buttercup.



Captain, the dearly beloved cockatiel who flew into our yard and adopted us.  (Disclaimer:  We do not normally allow chickens in the house, but we brought this one in under close supervision so that we could take a few photos of Cappy with it.  It is a Silkie hen, and she is a very calm bird.)


Flavia- Chief mouse, rat, squirrel and rabbit catcher.


  1. Love your farm, great information, and humor. Thanks for taking the time to create such a wonderful page. Cathy, 5 acres in Lady Lake.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you like it!

  2. Love the farm, it is the plan for my family. Hope one day to have something similiar, the 5 year old boy loves our small vegetable garden and talks all the time about chickens. Inspiring to see someone in the area with what I am looking for.


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