Pretty Modest Shoppe Custom Sewing

Pretty Modest Shoppe Custom Sewing

Owned and Operated by Savana Feldman

{Note: The two pictures below, are featured items in my shop.... so they are for sale.}

Beautiful full size apron

Thanksgiving table runner and matching potholders.

My sister Savana is quite the seamstress.  She is also a budding photographer and most of the good photos on this blog are taken by her.  She recently started an Etsy shop, called Pretty Modest Shoppe, and has been working diligently adding items to it and improving it frequently.
You can visit it here:  Pretty Modest Shoppe

She sews many of Emaline's and Anna-Frances' clothes, as well as her own.  She is offering custom sewing services for certain items.  Her specialties are "prairie dresses", such as the ones below, both "tiered" and "strip" styles, bags, aprons, and baby or doll dresses.  But she also sews jumpers, skirts, blouses, potholders, several different kinds of dresses, and skirts, and table runners as well.  If you have something you want sewn, feel free to email and describe what you are looking for, and she will probably be able to do it.  Below are posted some photos of items she has sewn. {These are not for sale, just to give you an idea of what you want for your custom order.}  If you see something you like, you can contact us via email (preferred) at or text 352-745-3576

Prairie Peasant Dress

Full Prairie Dress.

Alayna's Riding Skirts and Animal Coats

Please visit:

I am getting into sewing custom riding or square dancing skirts.  At this time, the only kinds I have available are circle skirt style- when spread on the floor it will make a perfect circle with the waistband in the middle, and bias skirts, which are made of a half circle (pictured below), and (my favorite for riding) tiered prairie skirts.  If you want me to sew one for you, email me your waist and desired length measurements, and desired color.  I will give you some choices on fabric with the base color you prefer.

Circle skirt.

Circle skirt.

Circle skirt.

Bias skirt.

The same bias skirt (please pardon the dirt on it- riding and grooming can be messy.

Tiered Skirt

This is my personal favorite for riding.  It is available in blue denim, black denim/ bottomweight, and a wide variety of cotton prints.  Please visit my Etsy shop at this link for pricing and more info!

Pleated Skirt

(Currently unavailable, possibly can be made by special request, depending on how busy I am.)
This fairly simple skirt is elegant and comfortable.  It is very wide at the bottom (approximately 170"), and is pleated on the sides, with large inserts in the front and back.  The material is light corduroy.  Please visit my eBay listing here!

Front view.

Front view.
Back- without bow.

Back view.

Front view- you can see the insert in the middle.

Close-up of pleats.


  1. Hey I'm loving your blog :). I live outside the U.S. and was wondering if you could upload a copy of the pattern for the pleated skirt. Thanks for the wonderful blog and videos. May God bless you and your family.

    1. Hi there,
      I did not actually use a pattern for this skirt. It is made of four 40" wide x 40" long panels, and a waistband. The waistband finished height was about 1.5" high. I pleated two panels for the sides to fit into the waistband (32" for me, but could be adjusted), and then folded and pleated the front and back inserts and sewed the side seams to the side panels. I then attached the skirt to the waistband and hemmed to finished length (39.5" for me).
      I'm sorry these instructions aren't very clear... I'm not that good at explaining sewing. :( I may draw and upload the pattern later, but this is the best I can do for now.
      Thank you for your kind comment!
      Alayna May


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