For Sale & Services

We sometimes have farm products for sale, some on a regular basis, some only seasonally.  If there is something you want that we might produce, or be able to produce which is not listed here, please contact me and I will see what we can do for you.  We are located between Bronson and Williston, FL.  Thank you!

Contact me:

Call/ text:  352-745-3576

Young Laying Hens & Roosters

As usual, we have a limited number of Golden Laced Wyandotte, Black Australorp laying hens and roosters available, also some mixes of these breeds.  Hatched end of April; should be laying within the next few months.
Hens:  $`7 each
Young Roosters:  $8 each

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Goat Kid Sweaters

Cold weather can be a concern for newborn, or even older kids, even here in Florida.  I sewed some little sweaters for my own kids born in cold weather, and liked them so much that now I'm selling them.  Each quality sweater is made from anti-pill fleece, hand-sewn, and shipped promptly.
Waterproof, personalized (with embroidered name) and double thickness sweaters are also available.
Waterproof sweater.

Extra Small (about 3-6 lbs.)
Small (about 7-12 lbs.)
Medium (about 12-20 lbs.)
Large (about 20-40 lbs.)
X Large  (about 30-50 lbs.)
  XX Large (about 60- 90 lbs.)

Visit the link to the eBay listings or my Etsy shop below!  To custom order sizes, colors and specific designs, or even pick out the fleece you like, please contact me.

Visit my eBay listings
*Note:  The pricing on CCShop is a little cheaper than eBay, due to lower selling fees.

(To see pictures of the Saanen triplets in their sweaters, please visit this blog post!)

High-Speed Internet for Everywhere!

My father and brother sell and install high-speed internet all over North Central Florida.  This is the same internet we have at our home, and it works great!  For more information, please call:  352-745-3648, and/ or visit:  Internet Computer Services