Monday, February 10, 2014

Kid Photos: 11 days old, and very frisky!

Savana (my photographer sister) is staying for a couple days with my grandmother, and left her camera behind.  I was quite happy to see it.  :)

I took these photos the next morning.

Agnes was so frisky!  Look at her dancing!

Emaline feeding Charlemagne.

Aggie again.

Emaline loves the kids- and they love her.

How do you get farm chores done quickly, and with the least bit of trouble to oneself?  Delegate.

This also gets the kids used to children.

Justice feeding Aggie.

Emaline and Charlemagne.
Peacefully eating breakfast...

"Hmmm... what kind of creature is this?"

"Any more breakfast down there?"

"Nope, guess not.  Let's go!"

Saanens can perform the haute ecole too.  See the capriole?

Justice and Charlemagne.

Charlemagne again.
 After feeding, the kids began racing round and round the pen at top speed.  They were hilarious!  Maybe they're training for the hundred yard dash or something...

Juliet had a wipe out.

Sweet Inez.  I just missed it, but she licked Aggie on the nose here.

And here are a few miscellaneous photos of some of the other animals.

I promise the pen is not usually that muddy.  We just had several days of rain.

"Is that for me?"

I really like these pictures of Freda.  They show her to advantage.

I'm so thankful the Lord put us on a farm!