Saturday, July 28, 2012

For Stud: Ritz, LaMancha buck

First, I'll give Ritz's history as far as I understand it.  Ritz is a purebred LaMancha buck from registered parents.  His owner was a lady who lived about half an hour away from us, and died a few months ago from cancer.  Her husband didn't have time for the goats, and just wanted them to have good homes, so through a mutual friend, Ritz came to me, along with a LaMancha/ Nubian doe, Violet.  He was registered, but his papers were lost at some point a few years ago, and his owners didn't trouble to get duplicates.  (I am currently working on obtaining a duplicate certificate, but that hasn't happened yet.)

     Apparently, his owner didn't understand that goats needed to be wormed on a regular basis, and so when the two arrived, they were in bad shape, especially Ritz.  He was quite underweight, even though he was regularly fed, his coat was coarse and curling, and I don't know how much longer he would have lasted without worming.  Ever since I got him, I've been working on putting weight on him, and feeding his proper minerals.  Now he's finally putting on weight, and loves my girls.

He struts like a king.  Reminds me of Prov. 30:30-31.

Beautiful, isn't he?

     He still has a little ways to go, but is pretty healthy now.  He gets a small amount of oats with copper sulphate and apple cider vinegar in the mornings, and beet pulp with dolomite and sulfur at night.  He has been dewormed several times with the herbal wormer from Hoegger, and also with a home-mixed wormer which I'm experimenting with.

     As for temperament, he is a buck, and bucks aren't always the nicest guys to deal with.  But he isn't too hard (as bucks go), and is not vicious.  He is usually quite calm- in fact, the only time that he's really grumpy is when he's in rut, or when there's a doe in heat near by.  He was dam-raised, but has been handled quite a bit, both by his former owner and me.

     He carries good milking genes- I was told that his mother was a good milk goat, and gave milk for five years off one freshening.  So his doe kids ought to be good milkers as long as their dam is pretty good.  He is also quite large, weighing around 180-200 pounds, and standing about 36" tall.  I believe he is polled, but has scurs (small horns which are not attached to the skull, and are shed frequently.)

     Ritz is currently available for stud service.  Here's how it works:  You bring your doe(s) to our farm, and then I can either put them in a smaller pen or a large stall with him, or release them into the pasture with the whole herd.  The fee will be $50 for a single doe if you provide the feed and I don't have to worm her.  If I provide feed it will be $90, and if I worm her with the herbal wormer it will cost $5 extra.  Hoof trims while they are here will be free.  My goal with goats who come here is that they will leave looking better and healthier than they came, so they will receive the same careful attention as my own.  However, I cannot be held responsible for possible diseases which they may carry over with them.  My does are healthy, so the risk of picking anything up here is slight.  Discounts are available for multiple does, or you could possibly lease him for a few weeks.  Trades will also be considered.  You can contact me by email, phone call or text.  386-316-4844, or