Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Visit to Jesse El Rubio~ Palomino Paso Fino Stallion

Have you ever heard of a stallion that calmly tolerates, even enjoys, being handled, groomed and ridden by 12 complete strangers, most of whom are children?

This is Jesse el Rubio, a PFHA registered Paso Fino stallion.  He is a son of the prestigious, 7 time Bella Forma Champion, El Chino de El Batey.
(Click here to view Jesse's pedigree)

He is registered as a palomino with the PFHA, but his color is what is known as "dunolino", meaning a cross between palomino and dun.  He has sired palomino foals in the past.

I had been considering breeding Fannie for a little while, and got online to see if there were any good, reasonably priced, stallions for stud around.  Of course, I was looking for a Paso stallion.  Fannie comes from very good bloodlines (Capuchino & Plebeyo), and I wanted to get a good foal.
After talking with Jesse's owner, running the idea by Daddy, and counseling with our vet and several older friends with lots of horse experience, we decided to go see this stallion.  So Daddy, Mama, I, and 9 of my siblings loaded up in the van to go meet him.

We found that he was much more than I had originally thought.  Jesse is very kind and intelligent.  He is calm, with just the right amount of brio for a pleasure horse.  He gaits beautifully, is very light in the mouth, and is also trained to drive.

Anna-Frances loved him, and about threw a fit when we took her away from him.  He let her sit on him and pet (read hit) him.  She would bounce up and down on  him, as if trying to urge him forward when we let her sit on him.  And Jesse would cock his ears back, and look at us like "What is going on?  Is this alright?"  But he would stand there, and let her do whatever she liked.  (We didn't want to push it too far though, so took her off when she kept trying to urge him forward.)

So then she got to brush him.

Got to love that expression... This little girl just loves animals- especially dogs and horses!

Ms. Anita and Mr. Tony, Jesse's owner and trainer, were very kind, helpful and knowledgeable.  I have learned so much about Paso Finos after contacting them.  Since they have been involved with these horses for so long, breeding, training, showing, and rescuing them, they are a wonderful help to me.
Daddy and Mr. Tony.

 I had hoped to ride him, and was not disappointed.  In fact, Farrah, Bo, William, Justice, and Daddy were also able to ride.
Mr. Tony instructing me, as I take my first lap around the round pen.

I'm not the best rider (by a long way), but Jesse was wonderful, in spite of my ignorance.  He was definitely easier to ride than my mare.

Bo and Jesse.

Farrah and Jesse.

Justice and Jesse...

And we even talked Daddy into riding him!
The barn is a good size and looked very comfortable.  The paddocks had plenty of fresh grass, and the horses were all in great condition.  If I was a horse, I would want to live there.  :)

Needless to say, I was so impressed, that Fannie went to stay at the farm less than a week later.  She came back yesterday looking even better than when she was picked up.

Video of Jesse!

Jesse el Rubio is available for stud service.
For more information about breeding your mare to him, you can contact Ms. Anita at (352) 208-0909, or email me at and I will put you in touch with her.