Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paso Fino Filly For Sale~ Fenella de Festina Lente

 Fenella de Festina Lente is a very special filly, with lots of spirit and character.  Her bloodlines include Capuchino and Plebeyo.  I was able to begin handling her within 20 minutes of birth, and have continued her training since then.  She is very friendly, and not skittish, though she is very alert to her surroundings.

She was broken to lead by the time she was two weeks old, and has been sacked out quite a bit with various objects.

Walks over tarps, through shallow running water, through brush, etc.  We have ponied her alongside out on the trails a couple times, and she loves it.

Fenella is very well built.  She has a lovely refined face, straight, clean legs, broad chest, strong shoulders, and powerful hindquarters.  She is very well proportioned, and should look a lot like her sire when she is grown.  She is very spirited and fast, and loves to run.

I am only selling her because our land simply can't support very many animals.  I have been gentling her as if I were going to keep her as my personal riding horse, and plan to continue this as long as she is here.
I plan to hold her (with a deposit) until she is 6 months old, unless otherwise requested by the buyer.

Basic info:

Name:  Fenella de Festina Lente
Date of Birth:  May 2, 2015
Sire:  Jesse el Rubio
Dam:  Acuarela de Benji
Color:  Red dun, with frosted mane and tail
Probable mature height:  14.3 hands high

Asking $3,500

For more information, please email, call or text 342-745-3576.

 Jesse el Rubio, Fenella's sire.  Jesse is the son of the prestigious El Chino de El Batey, grandson of Capuchino.  He is very well gaited and has a wonderful temperament.  (See video at the bottom of the page, and read this blog post about our visit to him.)

 Acuarela de Benji, Fenella's dam (affectionately known as Fannie.)
Fannie's bloodline includes both Plebeyo and Capuchino.  She is a very special mare!