Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Spy... A Little Eye!

That's right- today was the day!  The puppies are opening their eyes!  I could tell it would be soon, and now some of them can see!  (Well, that is, they can see a little bit.  It will take a few days for their vision to clear up completely.)

I also made a discovery- Passepartout is really Bernadette!

We have 2 black females, and one black male, not the other way around, as I originally thought.  The only way I can account for this mistake on my part, is that when I first checked the puppies, I counted Fragoso twice, and missed one of the females.  Still, it is quite amazing (and humbling) to discover that I was wrong about the sex of one of the pups for over 1 1/2 weeks, and never discovered it until today.  With moving and doing almost all the chores by myself, I've been pretty busy.  Oh well... I guess I just need to slow down a bit.
Star and Bernadette.

I know this is a really bad photo, but it was one of the few which showed her eye, so I put it on anyway.  (And no, I'm not strangling her- I'm actually being very gentle, and not squeezing her at all.)

In their box on the warming pad.  Inez has not been wanting to spend as much time with them lately (I'll explain that in a later post- no time now), so I put in this warming pad covered with a rice sack.  Somehow they all found their way to it tonight.  They really like it a lot.

Look at Philly!  He is so funny... (as they all are- my two year old brother's most common line when watching them is "Puppies are funny").
Sorry for the bad pictures and lack of detail on here... I'm in a hurry since we have a big day before us tomorrow, which starts early in the morning, so I need to get going.