Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Day With The Goats, Pt. 2- Early Labor and Surprise Kidding

When a doe is due to kid soon, it's a good idea to start locking her up at night in the kidding stall so she becomes used to it and comfortable there.  When she gets within a few days of her kidding date, start checking on her multiple times a day, and at least once in the night, if possible.  Since labor usually takes several hours, you have a good chance of catching her at some point in labor if you check frequently.  This video shows Nelly in early labor, and the surprise I got when I assumed that all would go as it did last year, when she didn't kid until about 24 hours after her udder filled and the ligaments "disappeared".  To see my video describing the signs of early labor, see Part 1 of this little series.