Wednesday, December 19, 2012

They're Here! Holly and Jolly, Mabel's Kids

Update:  Both kids have been sold.

Jolly,  buckling

Holly- Doeling (Sold)

4:30 AM, December 19th.  My alarm woke me up with its insistent chiming.  I hastily silenced it, then jumped out of bed.  After dressing, I stepped out the back door to go check on Mabel, who was due to kid several days before.  As I walked to the electrical outlet near the pump to turn on the barn lights (which was Christmas lights we had strung around the stall), I heard Mabel bleating, grunting, and "talking" in the barn.  Right away I knew something was different.  That was not her usual long-drawn "Maaaaaw!"  I called to her and ran.  (I know that may sound a little silly, but I wanted to make sure she wasn't having complications or something.)
     She kept on "talking" and grunting.  I had to run around to the far side of the stall to see into it.  Needless to say, I was on pins and needles, even though it took only a few seconds.  I reached the door and looked in.

     There lay two beautiful little kids- one of them obviously only a few minutes old.

     I ran to wake up the other girls, and told them the good news.  Savana (who had woken up earlier when my alarm went off) helped me dry the kids, and make sure they got their first bottle of milk.

     Later, I weighed them, and took some pictures.

Close-up of Holly.  (Photo credit:  Savana Feldman)

(Left to right:  Mabel, Jolly, Holly, Nelly.)
Nelly just recovered from the stress of having her kids taken away from her, so she is very interested in these.  She's been very gentle with them so far, but I'm going to keep them separate from her until I get her tested for CAE.  (The reason I'm testing her is NOT because I think she has it, but because it is so widespread, I don't want to risk transmitting it to Mabel's kids until I know for sure about Nelly.)

     Mabel is doing very well on her milk production.  She had a serious problem when she first kidded due to a blocked teat causing a large amount of milk to build up on the right side of her udder.  The vet wasn't able to get out here for a couple days, but eventually did and fixed the problem with a minor surgery, so the teat now works fine.  However, during the time when that side was extremely tight and uncomfortable due to all the milk, that half of the udder got the message to stop producing, so she is giving very little on that side, though it is slowly coming up.  All of which to say:  the left side is producing about 1/2 gallon per day, and total she is giving around 10 cups.  So, if both sides were in equal production she would be giving about a gallon a day, maybe a little more.  I feed hardly any grain (oats only), so she is eating mostly alfalfa, with some beet pulp as well.  I am extremely pleased with how much she's giving.

     And now for some info about the kids:

 Sire:  Ritz  

     Dam:  Mabel  (ADGA ID:  AN1533374)  CAE status:  Negative (clear), tested Dec. 18th, 2012
Mabel as a first-freshener.

     DOB:  December 19th, 2012.

 Buckling weight at birth:  8lbs, 2oz.

  Doeling weight at birth:  6lbs, 1oz.

    Buckling price:  $150
(Jolly- buckling.)

     Doeling price:  $200  (Sold)

(Holly- doeling.)

     I have disbudded them, so they will not have horns.  They are being raised on a bottle and also on their mother.  Both parents are good tempered.  I can wether the buckling (" Jolly") for free if so desired*.  They are not registrable, but I will draw up a pedigree/ bill of sale to prove ownership.
Contact via email at , or call or text 386-three one six -4844.  Thank you!

*Wethering will be free if I use the elastrator/ banding method.  If you prefer the surgical method I can try, but I've never done it before, and will charge $10 extra.

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  1. How exciting, and such cute kids. Bet there's nothing quite waking up to that...I'm so happy for you! Your diligent spirit is an inspiration to me, Alayna!

    Many blessings to you...


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