Saturday, February 17, 2018

1 Doberman Mix Puppy Still Needs a Home!

We still have 1 puppy left:  Hanover
A few people have been interested in Hanover, but for one reason or another no one has been able to provide a home for him yet.  He needs someone to love him and provide a good permanent environment for him.  Of course, he's getting tons of attention here (especially from 4 year-old Anna Frances) but it's just not the same as having a permanent home.
He can be rather stubborn at times, but has plenty of brains and is fairly quiet and laid back.  He's not a destructive puppy, at least, not so far, and follows me like my shadow when I'm outside.  He pretty much lets Anna Frances do whatever she wants with him, including dressing him up and pushing him in the stroller.  I got a report this morning from another sibling that she was teaching him to sit and that he was actually listening to her (but it's possible this was a bit of embellishment!)

Anyway, he has had his first 2 rounds of shots, is wormed, and has an official health certificate from our veterinarian.  He has a very sweet, loyal temperament, and should become a wonderful dog for his special person.  Please email/ call/ text if you are interested in adding Hanover to your family.